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How to watch Disney & Marvel Game Showcase

Disney’s annual event is coming up soon, where their future projects and many new products will be shown. Also during the event, which will take place over several days, there will be a Disney & Marvel Game Showcase.

This is a show where they will show future games produced by Marvel Game Division and some other Disney studios. If you are a gamer and like Disney games, you should remind yourself not to miss this event. There will be a lot of interesting new products on display.

When Disney & Marvel Game Showcase event starts

Disney & Marvel Game Showcase will take place during the annual Disney’s expo (D23) event, which takes place Friday through Sunday. In addition to the gaming division, other Disney departments will be present at the event.

Disney & Marvel Game Showcase will take place on Friday, September 9 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET/9 pm BST. If you live in Australia, that translates to Saturday, September 10 at 6 am AEST. The event will take most of that day.

This event will feature projects from Disney divisions such as Disney & Pixar Games, Marvel Games, Lucasfilm Games, and 20th Century Games. So fans can expect a lot of new releases and information about upcoming projects.

Where you can watch Disney & Marvel Game Showcase

If you’ve already set yourself reminders regarding the upcoming event, the big question remains – where can you view the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase? There are quite a few sources for this. You can watch the broadcast of the event on one of the official sources or on the portals of popular gaming publications, such as IGN. The list of official Disney channels with D23 streaming is as follows:

A broadcast of this event usually attracts thousands of viewers, so you shouldn’t be surprised if there are any interruptions or miscellaneous problems during the broadcasts. As I described above, you can follow text broadcasts or rebroadcasts in other gaming publications. All major websites and publishers will surely be broadcasting the event.

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What you should expect from Disney & Marvel Games Showcase

There’s not really much info on what we’ll see in this presentation. At the moment we can say that it is likely the company will present new information about the recently delayed gothic superhero strategy RPG Midnight Suns, and there could be an add-on for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and new information about Disney Dreamlight Valley expansions or updates.

In addition, there was a statement that “sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel ensemble game from Skydance New Media”. This is the studio whose leader is Amy Hennig, the legendary writer-director known for her work on series like Legacy of Kain, Jak and Daxter and Uncharted.

Also expect more information about games like Kingdom Hearts 4, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Based on the posters of the show, we can also get information on the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, first shown at E3 2021, and the action title Aliens: Dark Descent, which was revealed in June’s Summer Game Fest.



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