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What is better to buy: iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini

Apple provides its customers with a wide range of gadgets today. Quite often on the net, they discuss which iPhone to choose, comparing prices and features. This makes sense because everyone wants to get the best. One of the frequent searches is the comparison of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

However, before that, it’s worth considering that even the most detailed comparison of the iPhone 13 mini and 12 mini won’t bring any dramatic revelations. This is because the models, especially externally, are very similar to each other, so it makes sense for a potential owner to consider whether to swap one mini iPhone for the other. On the other hand, if you are choosing a new iPhone, an iPhone 13 mini is worth paying attention to, because the difference between an iPhone 12 mini from an iPhone 13 mini is still there.

Which iPhone mini is best

The most important thing to note is that these two iPhones are as similar to each other externally. That is to distinguish at first glance you can only by the cameras. Both compact models of the iPhone are the best in their class. At least pay attention to these two iPhones for the fact that they are the only ones presented by Apple with a screen diagonal of less than six inches.

In this comparison, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini won’t be strongly leading any of the iPhones, as their characteristics are very similar. However, a completely different situation with the iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 12 mini, comparing these two models of iPhones can keep the intrigue.

With the release of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple has managed to wow the world with such a compact iPhone. A year later, however, Apple has somehow crammed a number of improvements into the same case for its successor, the iPhone 13 mini. One of the most popular opinions as to why the iPhone 13 mini is Apple’s promise of a 10% larger battery.

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How the iPhone 12 mini differs from the iPhone 13 mini

In today’s world, people are constantly comparing the characteristics of different devices before buying to figure out what is better to buy a desktop or laptop, iPhones 12 mini or 13 mini.

The iPhones 12 mini and 13 mini are breaking sales records, which makes sense since people wanted something new in the form of a mini iPhone. However, if you consider which is better only the iPhone mini, it gets a little more complicated. Also in spite of this, each of the models is quite similar.

At the same time Apple, by making iPhones 12 mini and 13 mini in a way that helps reduce the impact on the environment, together with the preparation of reports on the impact of these smartphone models on the world.

Apple.com / iPhones 13 mini


The display is quite similar in these two models of iPhones is Super Retina XDR OLED with a diagonal of 5.4 inches and a pixel density of 476 PPI. However, there is a difference in the iPhone 13 mini average brightness is 800 nits. The iPhone 12 mini has 625 nits.


Comparing in this category there is also almost no difference, as the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini have the same connectivity. 5G (sub-6 GHz), Bluetooth 5, and Wi-Fi 6 are available. The only difference is that the iPhone 13 mini can now work simultaneously with two e-sim cards at the same time.


The battery is also slightly changed, although the difference is small. iPhone 13 mini has 2 438 mAh against the 2 227 mAh of the iPhone 12 mini. As a result, switching to the new generation will give 5 hours more music listening and 2 hours longer content viewing.


There are also changes in the processor. The iPhone 13 mini is powered by the latest A15 Bionic processor. It has been claimed that the new 6-core processor will perform better and 50% faster than Apple’s competitors.

What is the difference between iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini camera characteristics

If you consider the difference between the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini it’s worth highlighting this information. Because the very first thing that draws the attention of new users is the change in the appearance of the camera.

Immediately it’s worth noting that the front cameras are the same. However, the main cameras are different, both in appearance and in characteristics. On the display of the iPhone 13 mini cameras are placed diagonally, not as on the 12 mini in a row.

In the iPhone 13 mini the camera is able to absorb 46% more light, in addition, the lenses are bigger. There is a Deep Fusion mode, as well as a night mode. The iPhone 13 mini now has sensor-shift stabilization, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Thus, the iPhone 13 mini camera turned out to be a good one. As to the great camera of the iPhone 12 mini, it has improved what eventually appeared in the iPhone 13 mini. Other changes to the camera settings haven’t been changed or added, if you need to turn off the camera sound on your iPhone you can find out if it’s possible.

Apple.com / iPhones 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini iPhone 13 mini
ProcessorApple A14 Bionic
Apple A15 Bionic
Front Camera
12 MP12 MP
Rear Camera
12 MP + 12 MP12 MP + 12 MP
4.76 oz

4.97 oz
Max. clock

3100 MHz
3200 MHz
Storage size
64, 128, 256 GB
128, 256, 512 GB

What a difference in price

One important element in the comparison for some people is the price of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. Because it will help to sort out whether it makes sense to change your iPhone 12 mini to an iPhone 13 mini. Also or on which iPhone to pay your attention in the store.

Prices for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini are considered the most budget-friendly of all the latest models of iPhones. This is obvious since these mini models.

Before you bring up the price difference, it’s worth considering that the iPhone 13 mini exists with a minimum storage capacity of 128GB. So it makes more sense to compare the iPhone 12 mini with the same amount of storage, so you can buy the iPhone 12 mini 128GB for $649. While the iPhone 13 mini 128GB from $699. The price of the iPhone 12 mini starts at $599, with 64GB of storage.

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Which iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini is worth buying

In fact, there is no definite answer to which iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini is worth buying. Since everyone has their own needs and expectations of the iPhone and the same budget.

Most importantly, if you are interested in switching your iPhone to iPhone 13 mini it’s worth it because this model is another worthy step in the development of the mini iPhone series.

Also, if you are currently using the iPhone 12 mini, changing it to the iPhone 13 mini isn’t particularly logical. Along with this, you didn’t get the effect of a new iPhone. Only if you want to switch to a mini model or change the smartphone brand at all, the iPhone 13 mini is a great choice.

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