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Why is your Android screen is purple and how to fix this

Despite the progress and development of technology, the most vulnerable place of the modern smartphone is the screen. Especially it concerns SuperAMOLED matrices, which are much more vulnerable to mechanical impacts than IPS panels. Probably the most unpleasant feature of AMOLEDs is the problem of a leaky screen, which can occur quite unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question “how to remove the purple stain from the smartphone screen” is only one – no way. If the matrix is leaked, you can’t repair it, you need to replace it. At home, if you are not engaged in repairing smartphones and are an average user without skills and special tools, it is unlikely to succeed.

So if you see purple dots on the screen, do not waste your time. While the sensor is still working, sign out of important accounts, transfer files and photos, delete everything that should not be seen by other people. In general, prepare your phone for a trip to the service. Here is what you should know if your Android smartphone screen turns purple and how to fix it.

Why the display of the smartphone starts to leak

Even if your phone uses the latest generation of Gorilla Glass and has extra protection glued on top, the delicate AMOLED screen can fail under unfortunate circumstances. The problem of purple stain always occurs after a mechanical impact. After the phone has been dropped or hit against a mechanical surface, it may not show any signs of damage – no cracks, no chips, nothing like that, but the display will slowly start to turn purple.

If the process has started, it is irreversible. First, the stain will appear in one part of the screen, and within a day after the fall, the panel will turn purple, and then the sensor will stop working and the screen will shut down. In general, the smartphone will be completely unusable.

This problem should not be confused with burned-out pixels, which can appear in one part of the display. On AMOLEDs, they sometimes occur in places where the same static menu elements are constantly drawn. This problem is not that bad and all you are in danger of is a translucent interface trace in some part of the screen. They will not spread, so you will be able to use your smartphone, though with some inconvenience.

Why are there purple streaks or spots on the Android screen

Usually, the causes of problems with the phone display vary greatly from model to model. For example, if cheap phones have broken contact, then the most common reason for the appearance of defects in the screen is a defective matrix and/or overheating.

Here are the main reasons why displays fail:

  • Overheating.
  • Cracks in the matrix and/or glass.
  • Moisture or condensation on the matrix.
  • Software failure.
  • Pinching, falling, compression.
  • Factory defect.
  • Viruses.
  • Wear and tear of some components.

How to fix a leaking smartphone screen

Since this defect is a consequence of mechanical damage, it is usually not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The exception is when the screen on the phone leaks through no fault of the user. However, to confirm this, an examination will be performed, which can take a long time.

If it is proven that your mistake was the cause of the breakdown – the only thing left to do – to pay for the replacement out of your own pocket. How much the repair will cost depends specifically on your smartphone

How to remove streaks or stains from the phone display yourself

In some cases it is possible, but only if the appearance of screen defects is caused by software failures. For example, you can use the Dr.Web app to search for malware on your phone. It is also worth trying apps for “curing” broken pixels, such as Pixel Fixer, Bit Pixel, and Phantom Cure, TouchScreenDeadPixels.

In the case of moisture in the body of the phone, which caused the defect screen – can help a simple drying of the phone (unplugged) in rice or on a warm battery. If the problem lies in the “hardware” of the phone – without complete disassembly of the device and the use of special tools you can not fix the failure.

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