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Apple backed out of negotiations for Sunday’s NFL ticket

Apple has terminated negotiations to acquire the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket. It is stated that Apple rejected the deal because it “doesn’t see the logic”. So we can assume that the reason is not that the asking price of the NFL is $3.5 billion.

At one time, Apple was considered the leader in the Sunday Ticket negotiations, negotiations between the iPhone maker and the NFL dragged on for months. Then, a little later, The Athletic reported that Apple’s expectations did not match those of the NFL.

The Apple wanted the rights to aspects not included in its Sunday Ticket contract. Additionally, Apple wanted Sunday Ticket included in the $6.99 per month Apple TV Plus subscription at no additional charge.

Lately, Apple has been doing a lot to promote itself in sports. Earlier this year, the company inked a 10-year deal with Major League Soccer and will launch a $99 MLS season pass in February. Apple Music will also sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime show in early 2023.

That’s all we know so far about this failed deal. Maybe things will change, and Apple will reconsider.



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