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Apple is still undecided about what kind of car they will be able to produce

Earlier, Apple reported that it plans to create a fully autonomous car as a prototype for EV startup Canoo. But now there is information that they plan not to make a new version fully autonomous. Many think this is because Apple is afraid to face the problems that Tesla faced with its Full Self-Driving technology.

They plan to activate self-driving features only on the highway, closer to driver assistance options like GM’s Super Cruise and Ford’s BlueCruise. Along with this, the Apple car could cost less than $100,000.

Apple plans to use a technology system codenamed Denali with a processor in the car. This processor should be roughly equal in power to the four most powerful Apple Mac chips combined.

It also had an impact on the sales timeline. It was previously reported that such a car could be introduced in 2025. Now we should expect it no earlier than 2026.

Thus, this new model allows the buyer to buy at least 20 thousand dollars cheaper. Apple’s old version of the autonomous car was planned to sell for not less than $120 000.

It is unclear when more information will be available about this new car. Most likely, until 2026, Apple will still announce many changes.



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