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Can Apple AirPods overheat?

Apple AirPods are earbuds considered one of the best in the industry because it combines a compact, beautiful design and great sound.

We can even say that the AirPods have changed the industry as Apple was the company that popularized this type of earbuds and made them a global trend.

The problem is that nothing is perfect, and AirPods are no exception, so there may still be some small issues. One of the most widespread problems discussed on the Internet is AirPods overheating.

So let’s go deeper inside this problem to understand whether it exists, why it may be caused, and how to protect your AirPods.

Are Apple AirPods really overheating?

Yes, it’s true, and it can happen, but the chance of your Apple AirPods overheating is minimal. Overheating may be provoked by various reasons, but dust and high-temperature environments are the most common.

In general, it’s normal for any device to get warm sometimes, and it doesn’t harm its performance. However, in some cases, if it gets too hot or too often, the AirPods may be adversely affected or even break down.

Let’s deal with each case when your Apple AirPods overheat to understand whether each case can harm your device.

Keep your Apple AirPods away from the high-temperature environment

I know that most people are very careless, especially when it comes to peripherals. I am one myself, so I know what I’m talking about. My AirPods sometimes lie around in the most unexpected places, and it takes me 10-15 minutes to find them if I go somewhere.

However, it would help if you realized that leaving Apple AirPods lying around is one of the worst things you can do especially if you put Apple AirPods on surfaces that get sunlight, like your kitchen table or windowsill. Exposure to sunlight can heat your Apple AirPods and cause them to malfunction, even their microcircuits may melt.

That’s certainly not what you want. If I’m right, be more careful and put the Apple AirPods in places that aren’t exposed to high temperatures. It can help you a lot and save you money on buying new Apple AirPods.

Don’t charge your Apple AirPods with a non-Apple case

The temptation to do this is very significant and I understand it. Many people, especially those who prefer earbuds, aren’t willing to pay a lot for this device. And the Apple AirPods are pretty expensive, we couldn’t agree more.

So if the original case broke, the temptation to use a non-Apple case and save some money is big enough. However, the fact is that this approach can cause your Apple AirPods to break, so I don’t recommend saving money on this.

Another way this can happen is if you have multiple pairs of earbuds. In that case, you might think there is nothing wrong if you use a non-Apple case, but for example, a Huawei case. However, this isn’t recommended either, so it’s better to use only the original Apple case.

Clean your Apple AirPods to remove dust

First, you should clean your Apple AirPods for your health. They are the earbuds you put in your ears. Dust develops various microorganisms that can harm your health, so always clean your Apple AirPods at least once every 2-3 days. It takes a few minutes, but this way, you take care of your health.

Second, like any other electronics, AirPods don’t like dust, and it can put them out of action. Dust clogs the airflow (and that air cools your AirPods) and causes them to overheat.

So it’s best to take a few minutes and clean your Apple AirPods. I advise you to use a cloth wipe because the paper can tear, and pieces of it get stuck in the small holes of the Apple AirPods.

By the way, I’ll tell you an exciting story – my friend received Apple AirPods clogged with dust, and… he decided to wash them under water. Yes, he thought they, like his iPhone, were waterproof, but they weren’t. So he just had to buy new AirPods.

So never put them under water because they aren’t waterproof.

That may be a hardware issue

Not always if Apple AirPods don’t work correctly. It’s your problem. Sometimes they may not work properly due to a hardware defect, including overheating.

In that case, I don’t advise you to try to fix them yourself or go to a third-party service center, as you’re unlikely to get help there (and possibly permanently break your AirPods). The best option is to go to an Apple service center, especially if the Apple AirPods are still under warranty.

The warranty lasts a year, and of course, it’s triggering to face such a problem when you just bought your AirPods, but at least you can get a free fix for your situation. The company will most likely offer to replace your AirPods with new ones.

Can AirPods catch fire?

For many people, this may sound scary and completely unrealistic. However, it has happened AirPods have caught fire. WFLA News Channel 8 reported on it back in 2018.

Jason Colon went to LA Fitness in Tampa. Then used his AirPods and listened to dance music while working out. According to him, the right AirPod started emitting white smoke. Jason was interviewed afterward and said he was afraid his earlobes would burn at this point.

It’s also important to mention that this is just an isolated incident and doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to you. Considering we don’t know how the man used those AirPods.

And as final words – be careful with your Apple AirPods – don’t charge them if not in the original case, don’t put them in the sun or on surfaces with high temperatures, and clean them time-to-time.

Jane Weisenthal
Jane Weisenthal
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