EVGA no longer cooperates with NVIDIA, the company stopped producing video cards

One of the leading manufacturers of NVIDIA video cards, EVGA, will end the production of video cards. The company announced that they would continue to support the current line of Video Cards, but they will not release the following 4000 series. Also, according to Gamers Nexus, the company has no plans to switch to AMD or Intel graphics cards.

As reported by Gamers Nexus and JayzTwoCents company made this decision because of the attitude of NVIDIA. NVIDIA refused to be a lousy partner, EVGA claims that NVIDIA did not disclose how much the GPU cores would cost before they publicly announced prices for their graphics cards. As a result, EVGA could not price their graphics cards in advance. So for some of their top video card lines, the company was forced to put up a price at which they lose “hundreds of dollars” on the sale of each card.

In addition, EVGA states that they received the drivers from NVIDIA after they were sent to journalists. Also, NVIDIA did not tell EVGA how many GPUs they would get to integrate into their designs and products.

NVIDIA responded to these announcements to The Verge via email “has been a great partnership with EVGA over the years, and we will continue to support them in our current generation of products. We wish Andrew and our friends at EVGA all the best.” EVGA left this note on their forum “EVGA is committed to their customers and will continue to offer sales and support for their current lineup. EVGA would also like to say thank you to our wonderful community for their many years of support and enthusiasm for EVGA graphics cards.”

Gamers Nexus reported that the company has no plans to lay off its employees and wants to stay in the market. However, in that case, they will likely have to expand their other industries. For example, they produce power supplies, motherboards, and other PC components. At the moment, the company wants to sell off all of its video cards in stock, and then there will likely be an announcement about its future fate.



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