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Nvidia Broadcast can now deepfake your eyes

The “Eye Contact” feature was added in Nvidia Broadcast 1.4. Nvidia streaming software can now give the impression that you are looking into a camera. It works that way, even if you are looking the other way.

This “Eye Contact” feature uses artificial intelligence to replace your eyes with “simulated” ones. You will be able to look even more realistic because your eyes will always be in front of the camera.

The company promises that the color of your eyes will match the color of your real eyes. You’ll even be able to turn it off if you look too far away.

Nvidia is calling this feature a beta and asks community members for feedback. You can watch a video comparing what the shooting looks like on iPhone and Nvidia Broadcast with eye contact.

This kind of change usually causes a lot of controversy among people. But the company said the purpose of Eye Contact is to give the impression that you’re looking at the camera for things like recording yourself reading your notes or writing a script.

In fact, during public appearances, this feature will open up a lot of possibilities for many people. Not all people will use it out of necessity. In today’s world, online meetings take up too much of our lives. Therefore, we may even abuse it more in the future.



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