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Facebook contractor fired 60 random employees chosen by the algorithm

Accenture provides hourly employees for Facebook and recently, according to Business Insider, Accenture used an interesting way to fire employees. During the video call, they used an algorithm that randomly determined which employees would be fired.

According to the employees, they joined the videoconference and noticed that the names of all the participants were hidden. Because of this, no one knew who was talking to them, as one employee suggested it was HR. The employees were informed that they are fired. The exact reasons for the dismissal were not given. However, during subsequent calls, HR representatives suggested that employees apply for other positions or in other projects at Accenture.

Accenture provided hourly workers for Facebook to moderate content and business integrity experts. The companies have a $500 million-a-year agreement. But Meta is cutting costs because of falling stock, causing projects to freeze and employees to be laid off.

However, this is not the first time that employees have been fired using a special algorithm. For example, Xsolla company selected 150 employees for dismissal through a special algorithm in August of last year.



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