Meta is acquiring smart lens manufacturer Luxexcel

This will open the door to the goal of creating AR glasses.

A Meta employee told how things are going in the office

They say "walking into the office is like teleporting into another universe."

Meta is fined $276 million for leaking Facebook data

More than 533 million users were involved in the Facebook data leak.

Meta is planning to begin mass layoffs

Like many tech companies, Meta is going to lay off some of its staff.

Meta confirms that the next-generation Quest headset will be available in 2023

In addition to the $1,500 Pro model, a cheaper one will come out next year.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will appear on Meta Quest 2

You will be able to play games on a virtual 2D screen.

Meta suspends hiring and warns employees of possible layoffs

First the company wanted to reduce the number of employees hired, but now it has suspended this activity altogether.

Meta plans to make it easier to switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram

Account Center will make it easy for you to use both apps.

Users sued Meta for dodging Apple’s privacy rules

Company has been accused of using workarounds to track users.

Meta may add exclusive paid features to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

It looks like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp paid subscriptions will soon appear.

Project Cambria VR Headset confirmed to be available this October

A little more new information about Meta's upcoming VR headset has emerged. Mark Zuckerberg revealed details about the upcoming release time.

Meta accounts appeared along with Horizon profiles, freeing Quest headsets from Facebook

Now to use Quest you need to register a Meta account instead of Facebook.

Horizon avatars await a “major update” after Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar was mocked

Many mocked Mark Zuckerberg's avatar. That's why avatars are about to undergo serious changes.

Instagram will remove a sound bug that occurs when users export their Reels

When you load Reels on your iPhone there is a bug with the sound. Instagram is working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Facebook contractor fired 60 random employees chosen by the algorithm

Accenture provides hourly employees for Facebook and recently, according to Business Insider, Accenture used an interesting way to fire employees. During the video call,...

Meta closes one of its major VR games for Quest 1 owners

Meta is closing Population: One for Quest 1 owners. Despite the fact that there is an opportunity for a refund for this game, the company has caused some tension.

Meta will no longer pay publishers of news on Facebook

It's reported that the company intends to terminate contracts with news publishers who pay them for content that goes on Facebook's "News" tab. The reason for this is to save money.

Meta closes the app for couples

Mets is closing their app for couples. Tuned has been very popular during the pandemic of 2020, however, it's time to say goodbye, however, why Mets decided to close it?