Thank you note to the boss: What to know

That's simple, but with some nuances.

Should you apply on a company website? Yes, if you have an option

If you have an option to do so, that's (probably) the best option.

A Meta employee told how things are going in the office

They say "walking into the office is like teleporting into another universe."

How to build your personal brand on YouTube

What are the challenges in the initial stages of building a personal brand? What does it take?

Why is it necessary to have a personal blog in any field of activity?

What can a person get from having a popular blog?

How to use micro-breaks during work to become more productive

A short rest not only improves our concentration, it also makes us happier.

How to increase your work productivity

If you feel that your work makes you tired and you can't concentrate on your work tasks, then you have a productivity problem. There are several ways to increase your work productivity.

Apple can train you in IT

You can sign up for one of Apple's courses. These programs can teach you how to maintain Apple devices in the workplace.

What to do before leaving your work

If you decide that you should leave your job, there are a few things you need to take care of before you tell your boss that you are quitting.

Apple employees don’t want to return to the office and launched the corresponding petition

Apple employees are unhappy with the changes in their work schedules and are demanding more flexibility. That's what their petition is about.

Meta will no longer pay publishers of news on Facebook

It's reported that the company intends to terminate contracts with news publishers who pay them for content that goes on Facebook's "News" tab. The reason for this is to save money.

FBI reports that people are using deepfakes to apply for remote jobs

Deepfakes was a funny feature, but nowadays they're not so funny anymore.

5 signs that you have a toxic workplace

A person's mental health is really important. It determines your lifestyle. Whether you are always aggressive and unfriendly or friendly and open. There are...

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How to better organize your remote work

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Why reputation is the cornerstone of power and why your reputation can get you more than you expect

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