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Meta will delete all Oculus accounts by 29 March 2024

Meta, the owner of the Oculus platform, has announced the final closure of Oculus accounts by the end of the month, urging users to switch to Meta accounts or lose access to content, achievements, and other features.

Information about the closure of Oculus accounts surfaced back in October 2022, when Meta announced plans to shut them down after 1 January 2023. Since then, the company has allowed users to migrate to Meta accounts. The new deadline is now until 29 March 2024. To migrate your account, follow this link.

Understanding the context

You can use one of the account types for your Oculus devices:

  • Oculus account.
  • Meta account.
  • Facebook account.

Now, Meta wants to abolish the old model of accounts completely – the Oculus account.

Users who don’t make the switch risk losing access to apps, purchases, achievements, and friends lists. Meta emphasizes that it will not provide the ability to reactivate old Oculus accounts, so migrating to Meta accounts is necessary to maintain access to content.

On Reddit, some users complain about how complicated Facebook is and can’t determine their account type. How to figure out if you should be worried? If you started your Oculus experience with QUest2/Pro/3 or are newer, you created a newer account, and this news will not affect you (although you should check your email, just in case). You’ll likely have to migrate your account if you registered your Oculus account in 2020 for use with Rift cv1, RiftS, Quest1, or GO.

I hope the meta will make it so that when you start Oculus, there will be popup menus for all users of an outdated account. Most people don’t check their email unless they reset their password or expect something, and many regular users don’t follow VR news like this. So, I’m hoping for Meta’s discretion.



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