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Meta is acquiring smart lens manufacturer Luxexcel

Meta is doing a lot to develop in the meta-universe. In recent news, the company announced that it bought Luxexcel. Luxexcel is a company from the Netherlands that specializes in 3D printing prescription lenses for smart glasses.

The company’s head of financial communications said they are really happy that the Luxexcel team has joined Meta, deepening the existing partnership between the two companies.

Luxexcel, founded in 2009, says it can integrate the elements needed to create augmented reality into prescription lenses such as holographic film and projectors.

In 2021, it partnered with WaveOptics, which supplies displays for Snap’s Spectacles. To create a lens equipped with waveguides, or transparent display technology, needed to superimpose virtual objects on the user’s real environment.

Meta’s CTO has stated previously that Meta’s AR glasses will take years of progress as the company tries to make the device thinner, lighter, faster, and more powerful. Many also speculate that the first version of Meta’s AR glasses will only be available to developers, just like Snap Spectacles. Then the next two pairs could become available to consumers within a few years.



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