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Meta limits advertisers’ ability to target teens

Meta puts a lot of effort into filtering content that users post on Instagram or Facebook. This time, Meta says it’s reducing some of its ad targeting options, including removing the ability to advertise to children based on gender.

That is, it will work so that the company will further limit advertisers’ ability on their platforms with respect to users under the age of 18.

These changes will take effect next month. That’s when advertisers won’t be able to target kids on Facebook and Instagram by gender, although they will still be able to use age and location.

Along with that, there will also be changes in March. Teens will be able to customize and choose which ads they see. Under Ad Preferences, they’ll be able to choose topics they want to see fewer ads on.

After this news, Meta said that their main goal is to make their platform safer and better since teens are not always as well equipped as adults to decide how their online data is used for advertising.

Instagram has added features since last year that “nudge” teens away from potentially harmful content if they browse too long.



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