I think every one of us has at least once missed the sounds from our childhood. For example, I miss the sound of a dial-up modem and the sound of a Macintosh starting up.

However, many of those sounds are irretrievably gone, because the technology they were associated with is simply obsolete.

But what if you want to hear that sound again, or just explore the sounds of an older era? In that case, there is a service that will help you hear those sounds again. It’s called the Museum of Endangered Sounds and currently, there are tens of old sounds.

The Museum of Endangered Sounds

What is The Museum of Endangered Sounds?

This museum was founded in January 2012 to preserve old sounds from old technology or old devices. Its founder, Brendan Chilcutt, who set out to collect all the old sounds by 2015.

To just listen to the sound, all you have to do is just click on the picture of the technology you are interested in.

There are currently 33 sounds on the site, ranging from the AOL Instant Messenger message sound to the Tamagotchi sound.


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