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Meta disciplined or fired more than two dozen employees for taking over Facebook user accounts

Meta Platforms has fired or disciplined dozens of employees and contractors over the past year. The reason for this was the compromise of Facebook user accounts.

It also became known that contractors who worked for Allied Universal took bribes to gain control of user accounts. Most likely, the hack was carried out with the help of an internal tool known as Oops.

This came to light after an internal investigation. It worked so that users who blocked their Facebook accounts often couldn’t regain access to them through traditional means. Some users then enlisted the help of third-party sources with Meta contacts who were willing to unlock their accounts. Employees sometimes accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from hackers to compromise or access user accounts.

Meta Communications Director Andy Stone said people should never buy or sell accounts or pay for account recovery services because it violates their Terms and Conditions.

Some of the fired employees worked as contractors for Allied Universal securing Meta facilities, who were given access to internal tools to help the company’s employees.



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