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Amazon officials said they expect more layoffs in 2023

CEO Andy Jassy says Amazon will be cutting jobs again in early 2023. Andy Jassy said that Amazon’s annual planning process continues, and in the new year, we should also expect more layoffs and executives to continue to make adjustments.

At the same time, Jassy said that the company hasn’t yet decided how many more jobs it will cut, but employees may be left pondering their jobs for a few months. Early next year, Amazon will say who will be affected by future layoffs.

Vice President of Devices and Services Dave Limp had previously said there would be layoffs at the organization. After that, Jassy said the company had extended voluntary buyouts to some human resources employees. He wrote that the company would prioritize communicating directly with employees affected by the layoffs before making broad public or internal announcements.

They plan to look for jobs for affected employees internally, and if that fails, employees will be offered severance packages.



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