Amazon pauses hiring for corporate workforce

Amazon suspends hiring for corporate positions. It was announced as early as last month. Since then, the company has already announced a hiring freeze for corporate functions in the retail business. The company announced yesterday that other firms would also be affected, with some projects and warehouse space being put on hold.

The company decided to further restrict hiring because of the worsening economic outlook. Representatives of the company said that this pause in hiring new employees would be in place for the next few months. After that, they will monitor the situation and report if there are financial changes.

This will work so that Amazon will fill vacancies to replace some employees. For now, the company won’t be laying off working professionals.

In fact, after the pandemic, the company has noticeably started to cut costs. Because of the surge in online shopping caused by the pandemic, Amazon has been very active in hiring new employees while expanding its business. However, after the physical stores returned to work, Amazon had to slow down.



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