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Meta plans to make it easier to switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram

Meta is testing new features that bring Facebook and Instagram together closely. The company recently began rolling out a new interface for switching between accounts.

If you’ve added your Facebook and Instagram credentials to the same Accounts Center, you can use this feature to switch between the two apps without going to your phone’s home screen, multitasking menu, or app drawer. The interface also allows you to see a counter of all your notifications in one place.


In addition, Meta introduces a redesigned login and registration interface on Android and iOS. You can create one account on one of the social networks and then use it to create additional accounts. For those who already have Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can now use the login information associated with one app to access the other. However, you should add them to the same Account Center before doing so.

Meta will notify you whenever you can create a new account and add it to Account Center. What’s more, security features such as two-factor authentication will still work, preventing someone from using Instagram credentials to access your Facebook account, for example.

Although the new features are “currently limited to Facebook and Instagram,” Meta notes it will “continue to explore how to improve connected experiences across all of our technologies.”



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