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Google Bard now powered by Gemini Pro

Google has recently revolutionized its AI offerings with a significant update to its chatbot, Bard. This upgrade involves the integration of the Gemini Pro, an advanced machine-learning model. This transition marks Bard’s first significant update since its launch and promises to enhance its capabilities across various tasks.

Perceived initially as a mere replica of ChatGPT, Bard struggled to distinguish itself with unique features, often trailing behind in the AI tool race. However, implementing Gemini Pro, a medium-sized multimodal neural network, has repositioned Bard at the forefront of AI innovation. This new model enables Bard to process text, audio, and video effortlessly, expanding its functionality.

A recent Google advertisement showcased one of the most notable demonstrations of Bard’s upgraded abilities, where the chatbot assisted in designing an “ideal paper airplane.” During construction, Bard was fed photographs of the airplane at various stages and provided suggestions for improvement. This led to the recommendation of an optimal wing and tail design and a shift from paper to a thin-foamed material, showcasing the AI’s practical application in everyday tasks.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, believes this update heralds a new era for Bard and the company’s AI division, marking a significant leap in their AI development journey.



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