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Decoding “OD”: Kojima’s new game title sparks intrigue

Famed game designer Hideo Kojima recently shed light on the intriguing title of his new game, “OD”, which has been a subject of much speculation following its announcement at The Game Awards 2023. Contrary to popular belief, Kojima clarified that “OD” does not mean “Oxygen Destroyer” or “Open the Door,” debunking two of the most widely circulated theories.

This clarification comes amidst a buzz in the gaming community, where many had associated “OD” with “Overdose,” especially after leaked gameplay snippets hinted at a potentially dark and intense theme. However, Kojima did not confirm this connection, leaving the true meaning of “OD” still shrouded in mystery.

Further adding to the excitement, Kojima revealed new photos featuring the main actors of the game, including Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier. He remarked on the amiable atmosphere on set, making it hard to believe they were working on a “scary game.”

This statement has only fueled more curiosity and anticipation among fans eagerly waiting for more details about this enigmatic title.



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