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Here are reasons why you should use an Ethernet connection for gaming

In today’s world is rapidly gaining popularity online gaming. More and more players are choosing online games because of the opportunity to play with their friends or compete against other players.

Many people really want to feel better than everyone else. Most online games are perfect for that. You can become the best matchmaker, or you can boast about the equipment you’ve obtained thanks to your skill.

A big problem with modern games is their high system requirements. For console gamers, this isn’t a problem as the games are optimized for that platform and it doesn’t need to be improved over time.

In the case of PC gaming, players constantly have to improve their system to meet the system requirements for most games.

When it comes to online gaming, your network connection is just as important. As the online game will not work well if you have problems with your connection. That is why many players wonder how to improve their internet connection for the game.

Why you should use an ethernet cable for gaming

There are several main reasons why you should use an Ethernet cable instead of a WiFi connection. Of course, this method of connection will be a bit less convenient. You don’t need any extra wires to connect with the WiFi cable and it’s easier to connect with it because you don’t have to think about cable management.

However, there are still some very important things to consider when choosing the type of connection for your device.

ETHERNET is faster than WiFi

For gaming, you may need a faster connection if you don’t want to wait a long time to download updates or download big games. It will also have a positive effect on the stability of the connection in general.

When it comes to connections to the same router, Ethernet is almost always faster than the WiFi connection. Although radio waves are indeed very fast, an Ethernet cable allows your devices to send and receive data almost instantly. It works especially well if you have a fiber-optic connection.

It’s also a big plus that it doesn’t matter how far away you’re from the router when you connect using the cable. The signal will not get weaker as the distance between the device and the router increases, as it does with Wi-Fi. It just depends on the length of your Ethernet cable.

You can compare the speed difference yourself by connecting your device via cable and doing a speed test and then doing the same on the WiFi. You will almost certainly find that the Ethernet connection is faster.

Ethernet connection is more stable

Another very important part of online gaming is ping. In other words, it’s the latency in data transfer between your device and the game server. It’s often directly related to the stability of your device’s Internet connection.

With an Ethernet cable connection, you don’t have to worry about connection interruptions or various interferences between the router and your device.

You could say it’s like a cell phone and a mobile smartphone. On a cell phone, you will always have a connection, while a cell phone can lose its signal at any time.

You also don’t have to worry about the signal being blocked or slowed down by nearby electronics or barriers. Problems can only occur if the Ethernet cable physically breaks or you have a power outage, for example.

Connection via Ethernet is safer

With a wireless connection, it will be easier for intruders to hack into the Wi-Fi- router and get the password. They will then be able to access your home network remotely.

However, to hack an ethernet connection, you must have access to the router or router. Without a physical connection, it will be impossible to hack you.

This means that your data will be more secure, including information about your gaming accounts and cards that may be linked to your accounts.

These reasons will be the same for any platform, whether you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

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