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How to fastly level up in Blox Fruits

Any game can be difficult when you enter it for the first time and just start playing. Roblox Blox Fruits is no exception. Even though in the beginning, you have time to get the hang of it thanks to the hints, it can be difficult to figure out what actions to take to raise your level.

You should know that some things help you level up as quickly as possible. In Blox Fruits, you level up as you complete quests. The order of the quests can be different because you will level up sooner or later. But here’s how to do it as quickly as possible.

What do you need to level up fast in Blox Fruits?

First of all, you need to acquire some Logia Fruits. When you apply them, they absorb any damage from enemies of a lower level than yourself. However, this works if they don’t use any kind of boosts. Also, as you progress through the quests, remember to set up spawns on each island. That way, if you die, you won’t end up too far away from where you’re going.

You will travel to different islands to raise your level. Each island has a unique quest. It is important to remember that to pass them easily, you cannot move to the next island without being a level higher than the next quest that awaits you. In addition, you should know that Logia Fruits don’t affect bosses. Some of them will have unique abilities, and there will be special tasks along the way.

How to fast level up from 0 to 700 in Blox Fruits

If you want to quickly get to level 700 in Blox Fruits, follow the order of the islands and the levels needed to complete each challenge:

  • Immediately after starting the game, if you are a Marine, for example, approach the Marine commander to get a quest. You will fight low-level enemies. Keep doing this until you reach level 15.
  • Once you have reached level 15, go to Jungle Island.
  • At level 35 go to the Pirate Village. The final boss cannot be defeated with swords, you need to use fruit or fight.
  • Level 60 – 65: go to Desert Island.
  • On level 90, Snow Island awaits you. But don’t fight the Bigfoot boss before you reach level 105.
  • After defeating him, go down under the mountain and meet the ability teacher. Buy Skyjump, Flashstep, and damage boosts from him, as they will help you in future missions.
  • When you reach level 120, go to the Marine Fortress, where a special quest awaits you.
  • Every 5-6 hours Grey Beard appears in the center of the island. You shouldn’t fight him unless you become much stronger.
  • At level 150, go to the Sky Islands, this is where you can use the purchased Skyjumps.
  • At level 200, Prison Island awaits you. Unfortunately, there are no respawn points here. You will have to take a boat to find the three rocky islands on the left. There you will be able to set it up.
  • Level 279: Colosseum Island, skip the “Toga Warrior” quest.
  • At level 300, go to Volcano Island.
  • At level 381, go to three small islands near Prison Island. Go through the portal between them and you will find yourself in the Underwater City.
  • Level 458: Sky Islands. Go all the way up and find a man named the “Mole” and complete all his quests.
  • Level 535: also Sky Islands. Go to the big trees and find Gan Fall Adventurer. Complete all the quests he has to offer.
  • At level 637 go to Fountain City. Continue to destroy the last boss called “Cyborg” until you reach level 700.

When you reach level 700, you can move to a new world where new adventures await you. Completing these quests should help you understand how the game works and prepare you for the transition to the new world. Once there, keep exploring, learning new things, and defeating new enemies to become the best.

How to quickly level up Haki in Blox Fruits

There are many ways to increase your Haki, but you will need to be patient as it will take some time. First of all, be sure to increase your level and hit points before starting the process. Here are three basic ways to do this:

  • Fight lower-level opponents and constantly take blows from them. It’s pretty easy because you don’t have to do anything. However, you have to make sure that you don’t get killed. It will take some time, but it’s a surefire way to improve your Haki.
  • You can use your fighting style. Pierce your opponents with your sword to constantly increase it.
  • The last method involves the constant use of Haki during the game.

Don’t give up under any circumstances. Keep pumping up your character and you will succeed.

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How to quickly improve your mastery level in Blox Fruits

Mastery improves if you defeat several opponents at the same time. Always look for islands where several opponents are mostly below your level. You should have ranged weapons and an air attack in your inventory.

Well, go to a specific island and provoke several enemies with ranged weapons to chase you. Leave yourself enough room to escape. Once you provoke them all on you in one place, attack them from the air.

If you don’t manage to destroy them at once, try again several times. If you destroy them altogether, you get significant bonuses. It’s best to find several places on the map where you can do this so that there is time for new enemies to appear.



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