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How to fix Samsung TV won’t turn on – here’s what you can do

Sometimes in your life may happen unpleasant moments and the planned evening of watching your favorite TV series or movie can be postponed due to malfunctions in the equipment. No one and nothing can guarantee 100% of continuous operation of your appliances, that is the reality.

But do not rush to grieve, there is always a way out of any situation, even if it seems hopeless. In this article, you will learn how to fix Samsung TV that won’t turn on.

Why it is important to check on device malfunction

Before you start panicking, keep in mind that you may have forgotten about common technical issues that happen to any Samsung TV. Below you can see a list of them:

  • Broken TV remote control
  • Power Issues (broken power cord or bad power supply)
  • Broken HDMI cable
  • Broken surge protectors
  • The motherboard is broken (or other internal problems)

How to distinguish an issue by the standby light

#1: Standby light is on

If the red light is on, it means the TV is in standby mode. Try pressing the power button on the TV itself. If it turns on, that’s a good sign, most likely the problem is not with the TV itself, but with the remote control. And in this case, you just need to either:

  • replace the batteries
  • or download the universal remote control app

#2: Standby light is off

The opposite situation also may occur too – the red indicator is not displayed, but the TV does not show the picture. There could be two ways, either your Samsung TV doesn’t have power, or it’s already turned on but you can’t see the picture.

To see if your TV is working, just press any button on the remote control (except the power button). So if it has sounds or interacts with the buttons you’re pressing there may be the black screen issue.

The problem of black screens is usually caused by an external source and in this case, go and try these two options:

  • Tap the Menu button, if it appears, then the TV is malfunctioning. Note, sometimes your device can be set to another, wrong HDMI interface and if so, go check to which port your TV is connected and set it to proper one via Source)
  • Another reason may be the broken HDMI. In that case, simply replace it.

You cannot exclude the problem with a power source. Not necessarily something wrong with the Samsung TV in itself. Then try these ways:

  • Unplug the TV for a few minutes and plug it back in. Check if it will switch on once plugged back in.
  • Unplug the TV and connect to another working outlet. If the light turns on, or if it works well, then that means it’s receiving power and your previous outlet is the problem.

#3: Standby Light Is Flashing

If the red indicator keeps blinking, there is a possibility that you may have an issue with the voltages and power supply.

In this case, try to connect the TV to another compatible surge protector or replace the old one if the previous one is worn out.

By the way, don’t forget that sometimes any devices can be overheated, so it would help to give your Samsung TV a few hours of power rest.

What to do if nothing helps

After all, every case and breakage can be unique and there is no need to get upset if none of these things worked for you. Most likely the problem is in the motherboard or other internal problems.

Then the only and the right decision would be to contact Support Center. It is better not to try to fix the device by yourself, otherwise, it could be worse.

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