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How to fix upside down screen on Samsung TV

Users of Samsung TVs sometimes have some problems and as a rule, it’s the users themselves who create them. One of these problems is the mirroring of the screen. Most users have the same scenario: they went to the service menu, configured something and after restarting the TV my image is mirrored.

The most common scenario for such an error is that the user entered the system settings of the TV and accidentally changed the type of matrix. Each TV model has a different type of matrix.

What causes a mirror image in your Samsung TV

Many people think that matrices differ only in size and diagonal, but this isn’t entirely true. A very important parameter of a matrix is its type. The operating system determines what type the sensor is and reads the orientation of the image from its settings.

The operating system then loads the software corresponding to that matrix. A great example to understand would be a smartphone, which rotates the picture depending on how you hold the phone.

How to enter the TV service menu

To fix mirroring on your Samsung TV, you need to open the service menu. If you can do a mirror image, you probably know how to open the service menu on your TV. For those who don’t know, here’s a quick guide:

  1. To open the service menu you first need to put the TV in standby mode
  2. Then, on the remote control press {Info} {Menu} {Mute} {Power}. Don’t be afraid to try several times if you don’t succeed the first time.
  3. When you get to the service menu, be careful because if you accidentally press the wrong menu option you may confuse the TV with a particular setting. Remember, you fully take responsibility for the further operation of the TV at your own risk.

How to fix mirroring on a Samsung TV

If you have already entered the service menu, you can repair the mirror image easily, to do this you need:

  1. When you open the service menu on the right side you will see a column with various information about the TV, find the “Option” line there
  2. Make a note of the text to the right of “Option”, this is your screen model and we’ll need it next
  3. Next, you will need to go into the {Option} menu and look for {Type},
  4. Next you need to go to this submenu to see what type of screen you have. This is where the model of your TV that you wrote down earlier comes in handy
  5. If the type of screen doesn’t match the information in the factory settings table, you need to change the model of the screen to the correct one.

Once you have entered the settings you need to restart the TV, because the matrix changes are applied only when you start the TV and if you change the type of matrix, you won’t see the changes immediately.


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