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How To Fix Samsung TV Turning On By Itself

Sometimes Samsung TVs are turning on by themselves, and that can be a problem for some people. This is inconvenient because it makes your TV to consume more electricity and can be just very annoying. We know how to fix it.

Why Samsung TV Is Turning On By Itself?

The reason for that issue is quite banal but not obvious. Samsung TV has Anynet+ feature (known as HDMI-CEC) that allows controlling devices that are connected with your TV through HDMI. By the way, when one of such devices is turning on, the TV is turning on as well. Anynet+ allows using the Samsung remote for both devices but causes such inconvenience as well.

How To Fix Samsung TV Suddenly Turning On

How Can You Resolve Samsung TV Accidentally Turning On?

To resolve this issue, you need to turn Anynet+ off. It would help if you did the following: Settings > General > External Device Manager. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to use remote for additional HDMI-connected devices anymore.

However, the problem may be not only that. If you’ve turned Anynet+, but TV is still turning on by itself, there is another problem. Here are some actions that may help you:

  • Update your Samsung TV software. In some cases, the problem can be caused by software problems. Software updates can fix this problem; all you need to do is start software updates.
  • Clean the power button. The problem may be that dirt or dust has gotten into your power button, which causes the button to get stuck. In that case, try to clean the power button with a needle or toothpick.
  • Disable Power On Mobile. Your Samsung TV may be connected to SmartThings that can cause the TV to turn on by itself from time to time if the signals are lagging. To turn this function off, do the following: Settings > General > Network > Expert Settings > Power On with Mobile.
  • Unplug the TV for 3-5 minutes. If your TV is plugged continuously on, that can cause your TV power control to lag. Try to unplug the TV for a couple of minutes.

If nothing of the above works, then you need to contact Samsung service to have service processed.

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Vladislav Mashirenko
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