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How to pair iPhone to Vizio TV in a few simple steps

Every year Visio TV releases new models and recently the P-series has been released. These TVs are powered by XLED Pro, which in turn makes the picture more intense and pleasing to the eye. In addition, P-Series also has a built-in Chromecast for streaming your Android screen to your TV. Given that the Chromecast was only made for Android devices, what about the people who have Apple devices and use an iPhone? And is it even possible to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV?

But do not worry, because it is possible to do so. However, only if you have a device with iOS 8.0 or higher. You can also use a digital adapter, Vizio’s SmartCast option, or a screen mirroring program to connect to the TV. In this article, I will tell you how to screen mirror your iPhone to Vizio smart TV.

Mirror iPhone to Vizio Smart TV with mobile mirror

The most convenient way to display your smartphone screen on your TV is to download a special application to your iPhone – AceThinker Mirror. The app itself mirrors the smartphone screen to the PC monitor, but recently this function works with TVs as well. The AceThinker Mirror is very easy to use, so here you will learn how to use this application in a few steps:

  • Download and install AceThinker Mirror. Click on the Download button to install the app. Connect an HDMI to your TV from your computer and tune the TV to the HDMI source. Also, make sure that the PC and phone are connected to the same WiFi network. Mirror the screen on your phone by choosing “M” and then tapping on your computer from the options
  • After that, tap on Phone Screen Mirroring and then Start Now to mirror your iPhone to Vizio TV

How to connect iPhone to Vizio TV using a digital adapter

Another good method is to use an adapter, in this case, the Lightning Digital AV adapter is the best. It is quite easy to use and works with almost every TV or device that has HDMI output. Plus, this adapter can display the screen on your iPhone and Samsung TVs/monitors just fine. Here’s more on how to connect the adapter:

  • Connect the Lightning Digital AV to the phone
  • Connect the adapter to your TV using the HDMI cable
  • Ensure that your TV is tuned to the right HDMI input
  • The iPhone screen should automatically appear on the TV if you have connected properly

How to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV via SmartCast

And here is another app that will help you with your iPhone screen display – The Vizio SmartCast App. The app was created for this purpose, particularly for iPhones, and, moreover, helps you browse TV shows, movies, live streams, and more across several apps. The app comes with Google Cast built-in, making it easy to stream content from your phone to your TV. To install the application and use it correctly, read the guide:

  • First you need to download the SmartCast app through the App Store on your device then launch the app and connect the iPhone to Vizio TV
  • Choose the three horizontal bars at the left-hand corner of the screen and then tap on Set Up Your Device to start the setup process. Click on Get Started and choose the language you want
  • Ater that place your phone near the lower-right-hand corner of the TV. Then tap on the TV’s name to continue with the setup to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV. This will show you a pairing code on the TV, which you then need to type into your phone. Tap on Next
  • Connect your phone to the home WiFi network, for your TV tocheck for updates. If any are available, it will download and install them. The TV will then reboot
  • Once the reboot is completed, you will be required to enter a name for the device and register your account on the VIZIO Smart Cast app

And that is all on how to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV and enjoy your favorite shows at any time and anywhere.


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