How to turn off ads on Sony TV

How do I remove ads on Sony TV? Ads are one of the most controversial phenomena in the modern world. The first thing that is associated with this concept is effective marketing, promotion, attracting new customers, and promotion of brands (products). But at the same time comes to mind the intrusiveness with which it’s poured at us. Banners offer to buy something, order, call to subscribe and order a trial product literally everywhere.

They are everywhere – in the phone, on city lights, on the facades of buildings, in the subway, on trains, in cafes, and even on TV. And it’s in digital format that there’s more of it. Since most people learn news exactly through TV, it’s the main ad place.

Why do we need TV commercials

The main task of any ad is to involve the audience of potential customers as much as possible, to show the maximum number of interested people the product produced and sold, so that as many people as possible know about it and want to buy, try, find out more, apply. To maximize the involvement of the target audience, potential customers must always use the most effective promotion channels, and one of them is TV.

Ads on any TV are one of the most effective and working tools to promote products and services. Due to a large audience, watching TV, the positive effect of involvement of potential customers, interested in the product, is reached.

Sometimes, even people, who don’t watch TV, learn about products and services through TV commercials, thanks to the audio, which, being competently constructed and aligned, is set aside in memory for a long time. That is why TV ad with the passage of years hasn’t lost their relevance. The bright and skillfully orchestrated TV commercial will be remembered by many viewers. And with it, they will remember the product.

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Is it possible to turn off ads on Sony Smart TV

Of course, the most obvious way not to see ads on your smart TV is to buy a more expensive TV that doesn’t have them (yet). For example, a Haier. Such devices tend to be more expensive for one simple reason: their price doesn’t include ads, which compensates for the low price of more budget devices.

However, if you still purchased a smart TV with built-in ads, then there is a solution – blockers. Today these programs are easily embedded in browsers, but if you want to fight videos and banners on your TV, you need to block ads at the network level. There are special programs for this too.

The principle is as follows: somewhere in your network, there is a device through which all traffic passes. If blacklisted data appears in the traffic, it simply won’t go through the filter. This means that the device won’t allow ads to pass through, and possibly not allow services to retrieve personal data. This device can be software built into your router, or a separate accessory such as Pi-Hole or AdGuard on your Raspberry Pi.

What about blocking ads on Sony Smart TV

As we have already mentioned, AdGuard’s service is worth trying if you want to block ads on any smart TV, including Sony TVs. So before you install ad-blocking apps, try manually entering AdGuard addresses, here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • On the TV screen, click the suitcase icon in the upper right corner.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Network“.
  • Then click on “Network Setting“.
  • On the next screen, click on the line “Network Connection Setting“.
  • Select the “Manual” option and enter the AdGuard service addresses ( in the appropriate fields.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about it and the result should appear immediately. Ads won’t pass through the filter and will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your favorite videos and movies. In the other case, you should try a special app such as AdBlock. Ad blockers are quite useful, they save our nerves and get rid of ads. However, some resources may impose a ban on such extensions. For example, video hostings block access to certain videos until you make their site an exception.

How to get rid of ads on other Android Smart TVs

You need to understand that all modern Smart TVs mainly use the Android operating system. It’s quite simple and multifunctional at the same time – that’s why it’s so highly appreciated by TV developers. Since Sony TV is also based on Android TV, the method for other devices working on this operating system will be approximately the same. The only thing that may be different is the algorithm of actions depending on whether you have cable TV or via Wi-Fi.

For wired (via Ethernet cable), the algorithm will look like this:

  • Enter the TV menu.
  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Select the item “Network“.
  • Use the option “Advanced settings” and select the sub-item “Wired network“.
  • Deactivate the option “Obtain IP automatically“.
  • As a result, the “DNS Server” window will become active at the bottom. In the upper one, enter the address, and a little lower –

If the smart TV is connected to the network via Wi-Fi, the algorithm will be slightly different:

  • Enter the TV menu.
  • Go to “Settings“.
  • Select the item “Network“.
  • Use the “advanced settings” option and select the sub-item “Wi-Fi connection“.
  • Place the cursor on your network. Press OK and hold down the button until the network management menu appears.
  • Click the “Change network” tab.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Change network“, and change the user settings option (automatic IP address detection) to consumer settings.
  • Enter the DNS addresses ( – first one) and ( – second one) of the AdGuard service in the fields.

As a result, the display of ads should decrease significantly. This way you can reduce the flow of ad that comes at you all the time. If the methods described above didn’t help, then most likely the TV has other problems or for example, you may have forgotten to turn off the Demo mode, also known as Store mode.

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Are there any other tips to remove ads on Smart TVs

If you have figured out how to remove ads on your Sony TV, but you’re unsuccessful, you’ll need to perform a cleanup. If the demo mode in your case doesn’t solve the problem, it’s likely that you have malicious software installed. And no, viruses can infiltrate more than just computers or smartphones.

Most Internet users have already encountered unpleasant consequences of computer virus infection. Missing email passwords, slowdowns, glitches, and other problems. To date, few people still think about it, but there are already viruses that are aimed at infecting TVs. Ordinary models are out of danger, but Smart TVs are definitely at risk.

You should start by cleaning the contents, and removing unnecessary software and non-used files. Then install antivirus or software like AdBlock Plus. Adblock Plus is a kind of magic wand that blocks ads and nothing else will interfere with your viewing experience. However, in some cases, the program also blocks useful information, so you may need to disable it for a particular Internet resource or even completely.


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