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Nintendo won’t release the Switch 2 until 2025

A recent Nikkei report revealed that Nintendo plans to release the next version of its popular Switch game console no earlier than the first quarter of 2025. That’s a little later than many analysts, myself included, expected. The Japanese company has decided to focus on ensuring a smooth launch by preparing enough Switch consoles and giving developers more time to create games.

It is assumed that the novelty will be a larger screen and a more powerful graphics processor, among the notable changes.

Recall that at the launch of the original Switch in March 2017, demand exceeded supply, which led to a shortage and active resale. What will happen in 2025 is unknown, but unlike in 2017, there is now a portable console market like Steam Deck that will definitely take some of the sales away.

I think another reason for the delay could also be the limited library of games as in 2017. Perhaps Nintendo will try to work on new exclusives during this time to surprise us with something other than Zelda.

Despite some past issues, the first Nintendo Switch remains a hugely successful product. Switch’s total worldwide shipments reached 139 million units by 2023, making it the second best-selling handheld console in history behind the Nintendo DS.



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