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PS VR2 wouldn’t run PS VR games, Sony says

PS VR2 is expected to arrive at the beginning of 2023, and Sony is working hard to make hype around it. The company has already shown the headset at Tokyo Game Show, and the feedback was extremely positive.

However, there is а fly in the ointment, as Sony revealed that PlayStation VR games wouldn’t be compatible with the second generation.

According to PlayStation senior vice-president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino, that’s due to the more sophisticated features of VR2, including the all-new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, eye tracking, and inside-out tracking. “This makes game development for VR2”, he says, “a completely different approach than for first-generation VR.”

So the problem could be in different hardware solutions, such as tracking methods and a new controllers. For example, first-gen VR used PS Camera to track the position, while the new Sense controllers use infrared light.

Some games already available on PlayStation VR are confirmed on VR 2, but there would be an abyss of content that will leave VR2 owners out of the loop.

Vladislav Lanski
Vladislav Lanski
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.



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