What is a blood moon?

That's a lunar eclipse. And it may get a red hue.

The First Astronaut to Tweet

Those ones were first to tweet from space.

Does coin flip really have a 50/50 probability?

Both yes and no. It's probably wouldn't be 50/50 unless you have an extremely huge sample.

NASA reports the Artemis SLS Moon rocket is ready for launch

NASA says the Artemis SLS launch vehicle is ready for its next launch.

SpaceX plans to bring 350 Mbps satellite internet for aviation

Internet will be available throughout the whole flight.

Axiom Space will build the first Artemis moonwalk spacesuits for NASA

In the future, suits will be developed not only for landing on the moon, but also for exploring other locations in space.

The launch of Artemis-1 is postponed again

Due to technical problems, namely a leak of hydrogen fuel, the launch was postponed again.

SpaceX accepted an order for five more missions from NASA

While Boeing is facing problems with its Starliner capsule, SpaceX has a $1.4 billion contract with NASA.

T-Mobile and SpaceX will join forces to improve Cellular coverage where it does not available yet

SpaceX will provide the capabilities of its StarLink constellation of satellites to T-Mobile. In this way, the companies plan to bring Internet and mobile communications to a place where they were not available before.

How often does Google Earth update, explained

With Google Earth you can spin the globe and visit anything you want from the comfort of your own home. But how often does Google Earth update this places? Read on.