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NASA reports the Artemis SLS Moon rocket is ready for launch

Hurricane Nicole, a Category 1 hurricane, blew over the West Palm Beach area of Florida on Friday. Afterward, Nasa reported that the SLS rocket remained relatively unscathed.

So NASA’s Artemis 1 mission control team gave the go-ahead for the next attempt to launch the giant Space Launch System rocket. The launch is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16. NASA has a small time window of two hours for the launch at 1:04 a.m. ET. Thus, the countdown clock will start at 1:54 a.m. Monday morning.

This will be the third attempt to launch Artemis One after technical difficulties forced NASA to abandon the first two attempts.

Wind gusts caused earlier launch problems. The U.S. National Weather Service reported Friday that wind gusts reached 100 miles per hour at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39B, where the SLS will launch.



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