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The best old Apple ads: Even before the 1984 Super Bowl

Apple has its own magic behind the brand, which’s making people keep buying its products. I don’t know what source of magic this company has, but the fact that even the Apple commercials created attract attention is a fact. Moreover, some of them even became iconic and now it’s very interesting to re-watch them.

To write this article, I just watched old Apple ads on YouTube, but thanks to YouTube’s recomendations, the selection was ready very quickly.

Two types of people: 1983

Many people don’t remember this commercial, because the computer that appeared in this commercial was not as popular as the Macintosh, which would be released in 1984.

“Soon there will be only two types of people left: those who use computers and those who use apples” – that’s when Apple began its journey in the computer world, and the words from the commercial became largely prophetic.

Super Bowl Macintosh commercial: 1984

Advertising on the Super Bowl is very expensive, but brings in a lot of views. That’s why Apple approached it responsibly. The commercial was shot by Riddley Scott, and the ad became iconic, many people still associate the company with this ad.

In this short video, Apple positioned itself as a company against the masses and conventional wisdom, as a company that is willing to pave its own way.

Walter Isaacson said that Apple’s board of directors hated the video at the time and thought it was a bad advertising move. However, the company has sold 72,000 Macintoshes within 100 days of the commercial’s release, and the video itself became one of the most successful commercials of all time.

The Power to be your best: 1986

Some experts at the time criticized the commercial for its emphasis on advertising “computers in general” rather than promoting its own products. Apparently, not everyone believed that Apple could become so popular as to be a trendsetter in the industry.

However, the company became successful and was able to demonstrate Apple’s special approach to advertising.

Apple II commercial: 1986

This commercial was not iconic, but it was notable because it was the first commercial for a mass-produced Apple product, the Apple II.

The company focused on how good the Apple II was for kids, which was also an unusual move at the time, since computers weren’t aimed at that audience back then.

Apple Macintosh Quadra commercial: 1991

Unlike the previous commercial, in this one, Apple focused on promoting its new Macintosh Quadra computer to business people.

A simple but effective commercial designed to appeal to busy people.

Dinos: 1994

This is a classic example of the “war of brands,” in which Apple directly criticized Windows for being slow and unintuitive.

Think Different: 1997

In 1997 the company launched a new slogan and a new advertising campaign, ‘Think Different’.

This commercial was one of the most memorable examples of advertising of all time and it was one that in many ways allowed the company to create an image of a company for dreamers who are not afraid of new solutions and moving forward.

This clip was voiced by Richard Dreyfuss. However, there is also an commercial narrated by Steve Jobs that has never been used.

Jane Weisenthal
Jane Weisenthal
Jane is currently a freelance author for Splaitor, focusing on tech guides and how-to's.



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