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The most significant leak in video game history happened this week with Rockstar

Everyone who follows the news in the video game world this week was shocked by the vast leak that happened with Rockstar and their upcoming game, GTA 6. Many screenshots and gameplay videos of the game and the code leaked online.

Many call it the most significant leak in the history of game development. The leak is enormous because the company has not officially announced its future project. Previously, gamers only guessed about what the game will be and got some information from the rumors.

In particular, the leaks spoiled the location – it will be a modern Vice City that was the location of GTA: Vice City before. It also became known that one of the protagonists would be a woman. This will be the first female protagonist in the history of the GTA series.

At first, many people didn’t even believe this was a Rockstar leak because of the vast scale. However, later the company released an appeal to the community, and no one has left doubt that the gameplay footage was authentic. The company stated the following:

Many gamers noted that the game looks like “an early build mod for GTA 5” and was disappointed in the project’s appearance. However, many journalists, gaming bloggers, and other developers are claiming that this is most likely a very early build and is far from the final result. This is evidenced by the low quality of models and textures, as well as the fact that for the test, some of the animations used locations from GTA 5.

At the moment, Teapotuberhacker took responsibility for this infliction. He uploaded the footage to one of the Rockstar forums. The hacker said he wanted to negotiate with Rockstar not to publish further data. He also said that he hacked into the company’s Slack channel and downloaded all the material. The cyber intruder sent a message to Slack to warn Uber employees about the hack, saying: “I am announcing that I am a hacker and there has been a data breach at Uber.” He has already been linked to Lapsus$, a hacking group that has previously hacked data from Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta.

A similar significant leak happened with The Last of Us Part II back in 2020. Then the network leaked a lot of data about the plot and development of the game. This is quite a heavy blow to the company and the developers.



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