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What is better to buy desktop or laptop

People’s lives in 2021 are completely dependent on their gadgets. You can do anything you want on your phone or computer. You can order food, work, study, and much more. That means you can’t do without the right device at your fingertips. Many tasks can be solved by your smartphone, but what if it comes to more complex tasks, such as working with documents or video editing. You also can’t spend an evening playing your favorite game with just your smartphone. To do all the above, the most convenient option would be to buy a computer. If you decide to buy a computer, then you probably have a question, do you need a laptop or a desktop.

What the differences between laptop and desktop

The main difference is their size and compactness. While the desktop version of the PC is quite a large device that requires additional equipment such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse, the laptop is a compact device which by default has a built-in monitor, keyboard and touchpad to replace the computer mouse. The laptop can run on battery power and can be safely taken with you on trips and to work meetings. In terms of functionality they practically do not differ, the only difference is the power and speed to perform certain tasks, laptop because of its small size is much less powerful than a desktop. Also, desktops have much better cooling.

Why should you buy laptop

Laptop will be ideal if you travel a lot or just like to go to friends with your device. It’s lightweight and compact so you can take it with you on a plane and work from the plane. Also they don’t need constant power source, laptops can work several hours from its built-in battery. It’s very convenient to have such a device when you like to work lying on the sofa. They are best for simple tasks such as

  • Office work
  • Streaming
  • Surfing the internet
  • Using social networks
  • Running non-demanding video games
  • Studying
  • Simple video editing or photo processing

Why should you buy desktop

The desktop is best if you need to do really demanding tasks. They are much more powerful and you can choose your own stuffing. You can modify your PC by putting in new components or replacing old ones with their newer models. A desktop is good for you if you work from home. It will be difficult to move it from place to place and you will need a workspace for it. You can use it for all the same tasks as a laptop but you can also do much more complicated things with it. You can create really complex programs on your PC, work with no restrictions in video editors and run demanding video games. PCs are also cheaper to fix. You can change the look and feel of your PC and you can customize the hardware like Monitor, Keyboard or Mouse whereas you will always have only preinstalled options on a Laptop.


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