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What is Snapchat Replay? Here’s what you should know

Snapchat is a huge social network where posts are called snaps and, unfortunately, they disappear after viewing or interacting with them.

The main difference between Snapchat and other social networks is that you can’t share stories, photos, etc. They are only available at a certain time and to certain people. So, you can’t even take screenshots, and if you’ll fiddle around to get a screenshot – there’s a good chance that your account can be banned.

But don’t feel bad if you can’t permanently save the content sent to you via Snapchat, because it’s still possible to replay snaps.

This feature is available, but there is one thing. First make sure you’re using Snapchat version or later as otherwise, the replay feature will not be available.

Additionally in Snapchat, you can not buy replays, because they simply stopped selling them. But if you still have old purchased replays, you can easily use them.

How to replay a snap

Once you have checked if you have an updated version of Snapchat, you can follow these instructions to properly replay the snap:

  • To be certain you need to view the snap at least once, as you won’t be able to see the replay option if you haven’t
  • After you have watched the snap once, dont leave the inbox screen. Ib case you close the inbox, you will not get the access to replay it
  • Then select and hold on the snap you want to watch again
  • The snap icon is going to fill up
  • Then choose Tap to view to watch the snap for a second time

Is there any other options to replay a snap

There are also a few alternatives and one of them is to ask your friends for help and to set no time limit on their snaps, or to set their snaps to loop. With this method, you will have enough time to view them and still have the option to replay them!

Note: Though the program will not notify the original poster after you have watched someone’s story more than once, still, there is a small feature that allows users to see an activity or an interaction that was done twice to their stories. Simply put, the viewers’ list is set in chronological order and if you watch someone’s story twice, your username will switch place and will go above on the list, to the place where the names of the most recent viewers are. The original poster in question can notice this activity.

After you have read this article you may know what is a Snapchat replay feature and how to use it.

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