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What is the difference between AmazonFresh vs Amazon Pantry explained

Amazon has long been known not only for its very convenient online store but also for a large number of digital services and services. If you often use Amazon services, you probably know about the Amazon Prime program. It includes free access to a lot of Amazon services. For example AmazonFresh and Amazon Pаntry

What is Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh is a free service for Amazon Prime members. You can use it to buy your own fresh food. You can also order perishables or Whole Foods 365 products. You can also order convenience products and groceries from various local stores. You’ll pay around $4.99-$9.99 for delivery if you can’t meet the minimum order of $35 to $50, depending on the region. For those who are not Amazon Prime members, there is a 30-day trial.

What options does AmazonFresh offer

Among the options in this service you can find the following features :

  • Prime members in certain cities can order
  • You can buy food here, including perishables, necessities, and food from met stores or restaurants
  • It’s free at no additional charge.
  • Shipping costs $4.99-$9.99. But if you exceed the local minimum order before delivery is free. The minimum will be $35-$50 depending on the region
  • Shipping options offered by the service are as follows:
    • Attended delivery: Select a time and the courier will deliver your order to you personally at a specified time. You can also leave instructions on how to leave your groceries with the porter or security guard before completing your order.
    • Doorstep delivery: you choose a 2-3 hour window, at which time Amazon can leave your order on your doorstep in temperature-controlled containers. Only choose this option if the courier can access the necessary parts of your building, such as the lobby.
    • Pickup: This service is only available in certain cities. You can pick up your order yourself from the selected Amazon pickup location. Pick up at the pickup location within 30 minutes at a time of your choosing and pick up your order completely free of charge regardless of the cost of the order

A major benefit of Amazon Fresh is the ability to order Whole Foods, local favorites, and groceries to your door.

What is Amazon Pantry

This is another no-holds-barred service that is part of the Amazon Prime subscription. It allows you to get pantry staples and household items. Shipping costs $5.99, but Prime members get free shipping on orders over $35.

What features does Amazon Pantry offer

As far as Amazon Pantry is concerned, this service offers the following terms:

  • It can be used by Amazon prime members or non-members but only in certain regions
  • You can buy household items, pantry basics, and cleaning supplies in bulk or as individual items
  • This service is completely free of charge
  • Shipping will cost you Free for orders over $35 for Prime members. And $5.99 flat rate shipping for non-Prime members or for orders under $35
  • Delivery is by ground shipping and takes 1 – 4 days. It is possible to track your order

The great thing about Amazon Pantry is that you can affordably shop for individual sizes of items that might not otherwise qualify for low or no-cost shipping. You can also order items in bulk which are usually expensive to ship.


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