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What to expect from the new TikTok gaming channel?

ByteDance, the Chinese owner of TikTok, has been developing its video games for quite some time and is looking to bring them to a new channel. TikTok is a developing platform that includes a tab in the short video platform. It’s the first venture into a separate leisure format.

It will work so that users can enter video games using a button on the home page of one of the world’s most popular video apps. Expect it to function as a suite of mobile video games. There should also be advertising, and users will be able to pay for additional content.

There is information that we should expect the presentation of the new channel on November 2 at the TikTok Made Me Play It event. The event will also feature audio from gaming teams Electronic Arts, 2K, VNG Corporation, NetEase Games, and Homa.

So now we have less than a week to find out what TikTok has in store. People working closely on this project think it will be relaxed and new. We are adding that TikTok has many opportunities to make an impact.



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