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What to mine – here are cryptocurrencies you can mine right now

Cryptocurrency mining provides an opportunity to earn a good passive income, which attracts more and more new miners. But mining has its own nuances, just like any other activity that brings income. Every person who wants to start mining has lots of questions – what is the best way to mine on GPU, CPU, or ASIC, what equipment to choose, and what coins to mine. Mining on video cards is more attractive because the graphics processors have a lower-temperature operation, so you can mine at home, also it is easier to organize cooling. In this article, we will talk about the choice of coin for mining on graphics cards.

How to choose which coin you are better off mining

Crypto coins aren’t stable in their profitability. Their profitability changes weekly and it’s impossible to select a single coin. Also, the profitability of a coin depends on many factors. For example, on what model of video card you are mining and how expensive your electricity is.

In order to find the most profitable coin, you could use cryptocurrency calculator sites. The most convenient ones are minerstat.com, whattomine.com, and nicehash.com. On these sites, you will be able to enter information about your video card and the cost of your electricity and get the net profit of your video card or your video card rig. But still, there are cryptocurrencies that clearly stand out from their competitors, and about these cryptocurrencies, we are going to talk about them now.

The most attractive coins for mining on video cards


We start our list with the obvious leader and that is Ethereum. This currency has been in circulation since 2015 and has shown steady growth over a long period of time. Ethereum implements one of the most popular encryption algorithms Ethash (DaggerHashimoto). This encryption algorithm requires video cards with large amounts of RAM to work effectively. During mining, graphics cards heat up quite a lot, so good cooling is required when mining this cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, at the moment Ethereum is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies for mining on any video card. As for the prospects of this coin, everything isn’t so unambiguous. In the second quarter of 2022, miners expect the transition to the new Ethereum 2.0, which doesn’t support video card mining, but how much it will affect ether mining isn’t known.


Revencoin is the second attractive coin we added to this list. Revencoin is quite a young project, launched in 2018, but it has already gained the love of many miners. Revernkoin uses the KawPow algorithm and shows good profitability on most video cards. The minimum memory size of a video card for mining is only 3GB, which makes mining this coin very affordable. You can mine the coin yourself or you can mine in pools, but with a commission of up to 2%. One of the disadvantages of mining this coin is the high heat of the video card, especially for video cards with GDDR6x memory type.


Ergo is the third coin on our list and it may surprise many readers. To get, these cryptocurrency miners use an algorithm called Autolykos, which is based on the already known Proof-of-Work mechanism. The main feature of this coin is the minimum requirements for the device, on which the mining is conducted. Just like Revencoin, Ergo requires only 3 GB of graphics memory. But the main distinguishing feature is that while mining ergo the video card keeps its temperatures quite low. This is especially nice for owners of GeForce RTX™3070 Ti and GeForce RTX™3080ti graphics cards which heat up a lot when mining. But the small disadvantage of this coin is a little bit lower profitability compared to Yefir and Revencoin.

Which of these three cryptocurrencies would be the best for mining

It is hard to say which one of the cryptocurrencies described in the article is better. Each coin has its own characteristics that can attract a miner and you have to determine what suits you best. In the case of Etherium, it is one of the most stable and profitable currencies for mining, but it requires powerful video cards. Revencoin allows you to mine on video cards with little video memory, but mining such coins will be very hot and your video card can often overheat. Ergo, on the other hand, offers the gentlest mining with the lowest temperatures for video cards, making it the most accessible for mining, but it is less profitable than other coins.

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