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Where to watch ‘Only Murders in the Building’?

Only Murders in the Building isn’t just another show you scroll past while munching on popcorn. No, this one’s got some serious street cred. We’re talking Emmy nominations and a cast that’s basically a Hollywood dream team. Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short are solving mysteries left and right; you probably don’t want to miss them.

As for now, there are 3 seasons, and the last one is a rollercoaster you probably shouldn’t miss, typical Only Murders in the Building. The stories are interesting, as well as the main characters. No spoilers, but the trio of amateur sleuths is off the charts, and it’s got that old-school jazzy vibe. Add Meryl Streep to the mix, and you’ve got a season that’s not just fun but practically electric. So, are you ready to jump in?

So, where can you catch it? Hulu’s your go-to spot. And it’s the only option available, so there’s nothing to choose between. The good news: there’s a 4K resolution for seasons 2 and 3.

Now, about Hulu prices in short.

You can go basic with an ad-supported plan for $7.99 a month. If ads make you want to throw your remote at the screen, you can opt for the ad-free experience at $14.99 a month. Trust me, it’s worth every penny. At least, I don’t like ads.

And Hulu has a lot of options to bundle it with other streaming services.

If you can’t decide between series and Disney originals, you can go for the Hulu+Disney Plus bundle for $9.99. And you can choose the Trio Basic, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+: Trio Basic for $12.99 or Trio Premium for $19.99.

Even more, you have an option to go for Hulu+Live TV, but it’s a little bit expensive: $70 with ads and $83 for a bundle without ads.

The good thing is that you have a 30-day free trial, but it isn’t available for Hulu+Live TV plan.

And if you’re the interactive type, there’s even an escape room themed after the show. Yeah, you heard that right. You can actually step into the shoes of the show’s characters and solve mysteries yourself. It’s like the cherry on top of this entertainment sundae.

Can you watch Only Murders in the Building on Disney+?

In the US, Only Murders in the Building is a Hulu exclusive. But hold up, there’s a twist. If you’ve got the Disney Plus + Hulu bundle, then you’re in luck. You can catch the show without switching apps. So, if you’re already enjoying that bundle life, you’re all set to dive into this mystery.

Can you watch ‘Only Murders In the Building’ on Netflix?

Nah, you can’t catch Only Murders In the Building on Netflix. If you’re looking to dive into this mystery, Hulu’s where you gotta be. So, Netflix and chill? It’s more like Hulu and only murders, am I right?

Where to watch ‘Only Murders In the Building’ in the UK?

In the UK, you’re gonna find Only Murders In the Building on Disney Plus. Now, let’s talk options. For £4.99 a month, you get the basic plan with ads. Want to skip ads and get some extra features? That’ll be £7.99 a month. If you’re all about that high-quality streaming life, go premium for £10.99 a month. Just a heads-up: Prices are changing soon, so if you’re thinking about it, now’s the time to jump in. Cool? Cool.

How many episodes of season 3 ‘Only Murders In the Building’?

Season 3 of Only Murders In the Building is serving up a full-course meal of 10 episodes. That’s 10 episodes of what we like: mysteries, laugh, and hang with a star cast. So, are you ready to binge or take it one episode at a time? Either way, it’s a ride you won’t wanna miss.

Is The Arconia a real building?

No, The Arconia, the iconic building in Only Murders in the Building, isn’t a real place you can visit. But wait a second. Yeah, that’s not a real place, but a real apartment building inspired it: New York City’s Upper West Side called The Belnord. The show’s co-creator, John Hoffman, was so enamored with The Belnord that he decided it had to be the backdrop for the series. The stylish decision, nothing to say. So, while you can’t rent a room in The Arconia, you could live in its real-world counterpart if you have a few million to spare.

Will there be Season 4 of ‘Only Murders in the Building’?

Season 4 of Only Murders in the Building hasn’t been officially confirmed. According to the show’s creator, John Hoffman, there are some reasons for optimism; at least, he said that everyone involved in the show is thrilled to be a part of it and hopes for a “good long life” for the series. So, while it’s not set in stone, the chances for a season 4 are quite promising.



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