Zoom bans sales to the Russian government and companies with state assets


Russian website CNews reported that Zoom Video Communications Inc. revoked its partners’ permission to sell licenses to the Russian state sector as early as March 31. The company did not explain the reasons. According to the meaning of the message, it wasn’t a temporary suspension, but a long-term one, CNews notes.

According to the General Director of “Raytheonf” Andrei Petrenko, the requirements apply not only to the territory of the Russian Federation, but also to all CIS countries. Three firms were official sellers of Zoom licenses in Russia: RaittConf, Rokada and also the international corporation Unify Square.

Russian state bodies rarely bought licensed versions of Zoom, but the service was actively used by companies with the state participation. For example, aeroports, Gazprom and VTB Bank. Also, universities and museums actively used Zoom.

It’s important to mention that Zoom doesn’t work at the markets it considers toxic because it may influence the price of the shares at the stock exchange. It may well be that such a decision of the company is due to the fact that revenue from the Russian market is less than 1% and it is easier for the company to sacrifice a part of this market.


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