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Asus overclocked Intel processor at 9 GHz

Asus broke the world record for CPU overclocking using an Intel Core i9 and liquid helium. Usually, many companies need better cooling and higher-end components. But Asus issued a press release and said they could do it.

There is an Intel HWBOT rating that captures and overclocks the CPU. So, according to this rating Core, i9-13900K broke all existing records. The previous record-breaker was AMD FX-8370, cooled with liquid nitrogen up to 8,72 GHz. The CPU temperature reached -186°C, or -302.8°F. But the Core i9-13900K with liquid nitrogen cooling reached 8.7GHz.

Asus published a press release and a video on YouTube. This video shows a new world record for CPU overclocking.

The 13th generation Intel Core i9-13900K processor is overclocked to an incredible 9.008GHz – under normal conditions, the maximum clock speed of this processor is 5.8GHz. The feat was achieved with an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard, a ROG Thor 1600W Titanium power supply, and a “healthy supply of liquid helium.”

Initially, they achieved 8.9GHz, but the 9GHz target was always in their sights. In their first attempts, they couldn’t get it confirmed. To make matters worse, one of the USB ports was blocked, disabling the system’s keyboard and wasting valuable time.” In the end, the team was able to keep the result.



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