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Deathloop will be available on Xbox Game Pass on September 20th

The game has been a PS5 exclusive for a year. Now Deathloop will be released on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass on September 20. The first-person shooter, developed by Arkane Lyon, has been nominated for Game of the Year awards since its September 2021 release. It’s all thanks to an engaging mix of action and stealth gameplay, a retro-fantasy art style, and an interesting time loop structure. There’s, unfortunately, no word on an upcoming release on last-gen Xbox One consoles.

Deathloop’s PS5 exclusivity surprised many. After all, the game was published by Bethesda, the company that Microsoft acquired last year. After the acquisition was announced, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the company would honor a pre-existing agreement to exclusivity the game for the PS5, even though it was for Sony’s rival console. However, Spencer suggested that future Bethesda games will likely be available exclusively on Xbox and other Microsoft platforms.

Hints of an imminent announcement of Deathloop for Xbox began appearing early in the day on Wednesday, September 14. Advertisements for the game began to appear on the Xbox console dashboard. However, it seems that these ads were placed prematurely, as they were not followed by the opening of the store page.



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