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Zoom plans to create its own email and calendar apps

Zoom may soon add new services in addition to video calling. The Information reports that the company has spent much of the last two years developing its own e-mail and calendar clients. Internally, the company is calling the new products Zmail and Zcal. Zoom may announce these apps at its annual Zoomtopia conference in November.

According to The Information, the company may see new services as necessary for its survival. At first glance, Zoom is doing better than most of the services that took off during the pandemic, recently posting quarterly revenue of $1.1 billion. But beneath those results, the company has seen a slowdown in growth and a drop in its stock price to pre-pandemic levels.

The weakness of Zoom is that many companies use this application in conjunction with Workspace and Office 365. These are comprehensive packages that can cover most of a company’s productivity needs.

And for a company that’s constantly looking to cut costs, that’s not a good option. At the same time, it’s hard to see how e-mail and calendar clients will help Zoom beat the competition when Google and Microsoft have spent years perfecting Gmail and Outlook. And yet these products dominate the market and are unlikely to be overtaken by anyone else.



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