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Finally, Apple warns you not to put a drowned or wet iPhone in rice

“The rice will absorb the moisture effectively, and most of us have some uncooked rice in our homes,” according to a guide on what to do with a water-damaged iPhone on the MacWorld website.

Never do this because rice is unlikely to help. It’s more likely to damage your iPhone because small pieces of rice can get into the connectors and stay there permanently, damaging them. And Apple has finally updated its official advice on what to do with a wet iPhone to fix it.

Here’s what it says: “Don’t put your iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone.”

Checkmate. Every time one of my friends or family members drowned their iPhones, I asked them not to. No, sticking it in a bowl of rice, please. Please don’t put it on a batterer or blow a hot fan at it. But I had never heard of it because it’s a “proven folk remedy.” Even worse was when typing “What to do” into a search, people got all the same advice that convinced them of their own righteousness. Yeah, dude, you’re right, stick your iPhone in a bowl of rice and good luck with that.

Whenever anyone around me tries to stick an iPhone in rice, I’ll show this advice from Apple’s official website. I now have something to reference. Thank you, Cupertino.

Jane Weisenthal
Jane Weisenthal
Jane Weisenthal is a Senior Editor at Splaitor, covering Tech and Consumer Tech Business. She joined Splaitor back in 2019 and was the first person to be hired by Splaitor.com. She graduated with a degree in general accounting.



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