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Hackers stole more than $100 million from the NFT in one year

Elliptic has done research in which they claim that from July 2021 to July 2022, there have been over $100 million worth of NFT tokens stolen. During the spring of 2022, $56 million worth of NFTs were stolen. In July – June of this year, the number of thefts increased, but most were petty because the owners of expensive NFTs became more accurate and didn’t fall for the tricks of swindlers.

Scammers often use standard fraud methods: phishing links, fake sites, and pages on social networks. Many also gave their account data while participating in fake giveaways of free NFTs.

According to Elliptic, the most expensive NFT stolen was a token from the Cryptopank collection. When it was stolen in November 2021, it was worth $490,000. And in December 2021, fraudsters stole 16 NFTs from leading collections worth $2.1 million from one person.

Elliptic is a London-based analytics firm that provides compliance and anti-money laundering software to the blockchain industry. The company is overgrowing, and since 2013 they have opened offices in the US and Asia. They have also attracted more than $90 million in investment in 10 years.



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