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How long does it take for Nintendo Switch to charge

There aren’t many handheld consoles on the market today. While everyone is waiting for a new console from Valves, the only proven option is the Nintendo Switch. This device will allow you to play your favorite games wherever you are. Of course, it can’t play your favorite games in maximum quality and with a lot of frames. But it’s nice to spend a few hours playing The Witcher 3 on a long trip. Of course, running such powerful games requires quite a lot of internal resources of the console, which consumes a lot of battery power.

How long the battery lasts

At the moment there are only 4 versions of this console: it is a classic Nintendo Switch, its updated version, Nintendo Switch Light, and Nintendo Switch OLED. For each of them, the battery life will be different:

  • For the Nintendo Switch OLED, battery life will range from 4.5 hours to as much as 9 hours, depending on how the console is actively used
  • For the classic, original version of the Nintendo Switch, battery life will range from 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours
  • For the updated version of the Nintendo Switch, the battery life has been significantly increased from 4.5 to 9 hours
  • For the Nintendo Switch Lite, the battery life will be approximately from 3 to 7 hours

How long does it take to charge the console

The battery charge is one of the weaknesses of the console. It takes a long time to fully charge. Normally this would take up to 3.5 hours. But if the console has been switched off for a long time, this time can go up to 6 hours or more.

What to do if Nintendo Switch doesn’t charge

Sometimes there may be a problem where your console doesn’t charge at all. In this case, you can do the initial testing of your console yourself. There are 3 main reasons why this may happen:

Give it some time

If the console has been turned off for days or even weeks its battery may be completely drained. When this happens, it takes several minutes for the Nintendo Switch to turn on again, even if it is connected to a battery charger. In this case, the process of turning it off and charging it may take 12 to 24 hours for the battery to recover and recharge. If the console doesn’t turn on, check that the USB-C cable is firmly inserted.

Check your USB-C adapter

If you are using an official Nintendo charger, unplug it and the Nintendo Switch for 30 seconds. This should be enough time for it to reset. After that, try plugging it back into the outlet and into the Nintendo Switch. If it is still not charging there are two solutions: try replacing the charger with another USB-C or try plugging it into a different outlet.

Reset your Nintendo Switch

If nothing works for you then try a force reset of your Nintendo Switch. The console may have just frozen. You just need to hold down the power button for 12 seconds. If the problem was that the console froze, that should help solve the problem. After that, wait a few minutes before turning the console back on or connecting it to a charger. If none of this helped you, it’s time to contact a Nintendo service center.


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