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How much storage you need on the new iPhone in 2022

Everyone uses phones these days. Regardless of the brand and year of manufacture, everyone wonders which phone to choose. Since for many people the phone plays a huge role in their lives. Starting with the fact that this device can act as a way to earn money, ending with a way to have a good time.

How much storage do users need on their iPhones in 2022

The iPhone is a real helper in today’s reality when there is a real overabundance of incoming information. It isn’t enough for any user to have access to the device, he already needs to save what is important for further use.

After all, all downloaded apps, music, videos, photos, and other content that you use on a daily basis, are stored in the internal storage. Therefore, before you buy an iPhone, it’s important to understand the storage options and ask yourself if there will be enough RAM to use it.

In order to answer this question, you first need to understand what you need your device for. The way of life also affects the amount of storage you need for your iPhone. There is no basic rule or requirement for iPhone storage that fits absolutely everyone in this world.

So, first of all, decide what you need your iPhone for. If you’re a person who will use the phone for work purposes, then you need more storage.

How much storage can there be in an iPhone

There are different configurations available for internal storage in modern iPhones. You can have: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and even 1TB.

In what case is 64 GB of storage enough to have on your iPhone

If the main purpose of using your iPhone is to communicate, use social networks, listen to music and watch videos online. And all the photos and video files you store in the cloud. This doesn’t mean that you will not be comfortable and daily need to clean files on the device. Absolutely not, but still, it isn’t possible to store a lot of files.

In what case is 128 GB of storage enough to have on your iPhone

If you’re looking for the best option. Most people will have plenty of storage. Most likely for a couple of years. You will be able to store photos, videos including those recorded at 4k quality, audio, apps.

When downloading games, iPhone will work without crashes. For example, the app of your messengers, social networks, banking, food delivery will take an average of 8-10 GB along with the cache.

In what case is 256 GB of storage enough to have on your iPhone

If you need even more space on your iPhone. You can easily store downloaded songs, movies, video lessons, games, which take up a lot of space on your iPhone, as you know. There isn’t always accessible to the web, so you prefer to store them directly on the device.

In addition, this amount of storage will come in handy for those who shoot a lot of video and photos and even more so for those who process the footage on the iPhone in professional programs.

In what case is 512GB of storage enough to have on your iPhone

If you want to never think about the storage on your device again. You can build and keep a library of games on your smartphone, as well as an extensive collection of music and movies for all occasions. For the average user, it doesn’t really make sense to have that much storage.

In what case is 1TB of storage enough to have on your iPhone

Few people would make sense to get an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, with 1TB of storage. If you’re a blogger and shoot videos every day, this option is for you. Otherwise, using that much storage will be extremely difficult.

How do you know how much storage do you have on your iPhone

In order to find out what is the optimal storage capacity for you, check the specifications on your current device. Based on this information you will understand when buying a new iPhone, whether you will need to pay more.

There are several ways to find out the amount of storage. The fastest and easiest is to view this information in the settings.

  1. Open ‘Settings‘.
  2. Look for the tab ‘General‘.
  3. Under ‘iPhone Storage‘ we see the total number of gigabytes available on the iPhone.

You can also check with iTunes. However, for this, you will need a computer. It’s enough to connect the iPhone to the PC and in the first opening window of the program, we see brief information about the device, among which will be the data on the amount of built-in storage.

You can also find out this information by checking the serial number on services of this kind. The serial number can be found on the panel of the phone, on the box, and in the settings of the iPhone. On an inactive iPhone, you can pull out the sim card tray and see the identification number from it.

How to increase iPhone storage for free

There are ways how to deal with this situation for free. The easiest and most commonly used way is to delete what you don’t need and enable unloading what you don’t use. First, just look at how much space-specific apps and their data are taking up. Examine what apps and content you aren’t using. Here is how to do that:

  • Go into ‘Settings‘.
  • General‘ section and then ‘iPhone storage‘.
  • In this list, you can see which app is using the most storage and from this, you can figure out what is better offload. This means that the app and the information in it will not be deleted, it will only be unloaded, and if you want you can always return it.
  • Once you have selected from the list the app you want to offload, select it.

There is another way to set the optimization for music and photos. Often photos and downloaded songs take up the most space on the smartphone. In the first case, the magic function of storage optimization helps (Optimise iPhone Storage in the Photo settings), which offloads old photos and videos to the cloud (iCloud), leaving only previews.

This frees up a lot of space, for example, 2,000 photos and about 200 videos will only take up 500MB, rather than the original 15GB. If there isn’t enough space in the cloud, the iPhone will upload only the photos that will fit.

With music, things are even much simpler, the iPhone will upload new songs, but it will also delete old ones if you have listened to them for a long time. In the settings of this function, you can set the maximum value in GB, after reaching which the smartphone will independently clean the storage of old music.

What is a paid way to increase the storage on the iPhone

The method is very simple and effective. This is to buy space in the storage of iCloud. The price will be different in different parts of the world. In the US a storage space for 200 GB will cost $2.99 a month. To take advantage of this:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings.
  • Select [your name].
  • Then iCloud.
  • And then you need to click on ‘Manage Storage‘ selecting ‘Upgrade‘, so you will see the iCloud+ subscription options.

Before buying a new iPhone, analyze your way of life and then you won’t have any doubts about what kind of iPhone you need. And if you happen to run out of storage, you can always subscribe to ICloud+.

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