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How to cancel Discord Nitro subscription

Discord offers its subscribers to buy additional features in the form of subscriptions. They expand the capabilities of a regular account and increase the speed of chats. This is definitely a cool feature and if you actively use Discord, it will be very good.

However, you may need to override the Discord Nitro subscription. The reasons may vary, but whatever the reason, in this article I will tell you how you can do it.

How to cancel Discord Nitro renewal

The Epic Games online store is giving everyone the opportunity to subscribe to Diskord Nitro for free. But not for always, but for 1 month. The prerequisite is to link your card with a positive balance. After this period is over money will be deducted from the linked card for the following months of paid subscription. To avoid this, you must cancel it before the end of the first month.

Here’s what you should do to cancel your Discord Nitro subscription:

  • Go to your personal Discord profile
  • In the menu select “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Cancel” button in the subscription block
  • Click “Next” to continue the process
  • Confirm the disconnection of Diskord Nitro.

At this point, the subscription will expire. You can be sure that no more money will be withdrawn from your card. Despite the fact that the card continues to exist in your profile.

What does a Nitro subscription get you?

Most Discord users have already seen the basic visible features of a paid subscription.

Subscriptions add new features to your Discord, including emoji, themes, screensavers, and more.

  • Support for Discord account servers is connected which gives additional speed for chats. Data exchange on your servers will be faster
  • A set of backgrounds for servers, which you will be able to apply for the duration of the subscription
  • After subscribing you will see under your nickname the status that is assigned to you on the server. These are small icons and other icons;
  • A set of backgrounds for the servers, which you will be able to apply for the duration of the subscription;
Jane Weisenthal
Jane Weisenthal
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