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How to cross out (strikethrough) text in Discord in a few simple steps

Discord is a universal platform for different communities, that provides the comfort of communication in a variety of forms: voice, text, video, and broadcasting. Discord was basically created for voice chat, but text chats are also presented here. As a result, Discord has become a very popular platform for a wide range of communities.

And the problem lies in the fact that Discord has such a diverse toolbox that a newcomer can simply get confused. So in this article, I will tell you how to add formatting to your text chats using Discord’s support for the Markdown Text formatting system.

How to strikethrough Discord text

You have two ways to cross out your text in Discord. One you can use only in the desktop version of the Discord app. However, the second option you can do using both the desktop version and the mobile app.

To cross out the text in the mobile app you just need to add “~~” before the desired piece of text, as well as it should be duplicated at the end of the text. After you send this message it will be formatted automatically and you will see the crossed-out text in your message.

Another way is available only in the Desktop version of the application. In this case, you have to type and highlight your message. After that, you can see several formatting tools. Select strikethrough S to strikethrough all the gentle text. These are all parts of Markdown Text.

What is a markdown text?

Markdown text is used for the design of various posts, chat announcements, and other messages that want to highlight the authors. These functions can also perform different bots in Discord. Essentially, it converts what you write in plain text into HTML which is then rendered in a browser.

Thus, a person can write some text and, using simple code, turn the text into the desired visual, thereby making it visible to others. The text can be bold, underlined, and other similar effects.

Markdown is written in Perl, a very popular online programming language. The basic idea of Markdown is that it is easier to use than HTML while producing the same visual effects, and without having to deal with opening and closing tags. 

Markdown has several options for text formatting, and they are quite simple. The principle is that all you have to do is put special characters both before and after the text you want to transform. Putting it before turns the effect on, and putting it after turns the effect off. The output text that other users will see will already be customized.

How to use markdowns

In case your goal is to use the markdowns properly, it’s important to understand that you must put the characters in front of and behind the text. For instance: if you’re trying to create a markdown you should use the exact amount of symbols in order for this to work. But, note, if you don’t follow the required protocols you’ll end up with something odd.

So to start using:

  • Strikethrough Text. To strikethrough, you use a double ‘~’ tilde character. (The tilde is located to the left of the ‘1’ key on most keyboards)
  • Bold Text. Adding two asterisks ‘**’ before and after text puts it in bold
  • Italicized Text. For italics, you add one asterisk to each side of the text you want to italicize
  • Underlined Text. For underlining, you add two ‘_’ underscore characters
  • Combining Text Effects. You can also combine effects simply by combining the codes. Three asterisks will create bold, italicized text
  • Spoiler Tags. In order to type a message with a spoiler while giving people the option NOT to see it, you can use a spoiler tag. Adding two ‘|’ pipe characters and Discord is going to hide the text between the double pipes
  • Code Blocks. You can create a one-line code block by applying the grave accent ‘`’ character, found to the left of the 1 on most keyboards. Wrapping text in the grave character will cause it to appear differently in the chat text. You can also create multi-line code blocks by putting three grave accents at the beginning and end of the text

You can use all of these tools in any Discord chat room, or in one of the many channels. There are no restrictions on the use of text formatting. And that is pretty much all you need to know on how to manage markdown text via Discord. Good luck!

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